Sikandarji Guide - Fruit Chop Game Guide

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Sikandarji Guide - Fruit Chop Game Guide

Playing games while on the way, during free time at the workplace, or at other instances to pass time is a sure entertainment full getaway. On the brighter side, if you come across a game that does not involve much strategizing and which can be played anytime instantly, will pep you up. 

One such game is Sikandarji’s, Fruit Chop. It is a fruit chopping game in which you have to score higher than your opponent to win the game. The game is very entertaining and simple, however, if you are new to the game, you may need some tricks and tips to win the game and earn real money. 

The Fruit Chop Game is a light and fun-filled game that just requires 2-5 minutes to finish a game. Let’s have a detailed view of the game:

What is Fruit Chop Game?

In Fruit Chop Game, the players have to replicate the slicing movement over the fruits that appear on the screen. The players have to swipe their fingers across the screen, and as they swipe across the screen, they will be controlling a blade. The blade will slice everything that touches it. 

Extra points will be awarded for slicing multiple fruits with one slice. Slicing all the fruits that appear on the screen is compulsory, and the players cannot miss more than 3 fruits. The game will be over once you miss the fourth fruit. Also, bombs will occasionally appear on the screen, do not slice them, or they will explode and the game will be over. 

How to Play Fruit Chop

  • Swipe across the fruits to slice them. 

  • Slice multiple fruits to earn bonus points.

  • Do not use more than one finger to swipe the fruits.

  • Earn the highest score to win the game. 

The Game will End If

  • You Swipe Across the Bomb.

  • You miss more than 3 fruits. 

Tips for Fruit Chop

The Fruit Chop game is a simple one. Play it 2-3 times in the practice mode and you will get the gist of the gameplay. However, when playing the game for real money on Sikandarji, simply chopping the fruits will not help. Here are some tips to rule this game. 

  1. Chop Multiple Fruits:

Chopping a single fruit will earn you points, but, if you chop 3 or more fruits in one chop, it will give you extra points. These extra points will become crucial in deciding the winner. 

However, there is a catch here. Chopping more fruits means longer swipes, and this increases the chances of chopping the bomb along with the fruits. If you chop the bomb the game is over. So, make sure you keep an eye on the bomb. Be alert for the ticking sound as this indicates that the bomb is on the screes. 

  1. Choose your bet wisely:

Healthy and conscious gaming is what we support at Sikandarji. Therefore, you should choose the right bet for yourself to make sure that you do not lose more money. Place the bet based on your skills and your confidence. Do not start with the highest bid, but with the smallest, and then increase your bet as you keep on winning. 

  1. Create Combos:

Creating combos in the game will increase your score exponentially. This extra score will become your trump card while the results are declared. Swipe across more fruits in one swipe to create combos. You can also you more than one finger, but this will also increase the chances of chopping the bomb, so be careful. 

Some Quick Tips

  • Do not chop multiple fruits if you do not have enough practice, and if the bomb is chopped the game will be over. 

  • Start playing with only one finger, and use the other fingers after a good practice. 

  • Listen to the ticking sound carefully. If you hear a ticking sound, then the bomb is near and this is the sign to start short swiping. 

  • If the screen is clear from the bombs, use combos to rack up your score. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Fruit Chop

Is Fruit Chop on Sikandarji free to play?

-Yes, you can play Fruit Chop for free on Sikandarji in the practice mode. Sikandarji also offers battles and tournaments in which you can choose the bet amount and you can play games for real money. 

Are their tournament matches for Fruit Chop?

- Yes, there are daily tournament matches for the Fruit Chop game. The tournament matches help you in earning bigger prizes. 

How much can one earn by playing Fruit Chop on Sikandarji?

- You can earn thousands every day by playing and winning Fruit Chop battles and tournaments on Sikandarji. 

Wrapping Up

Fruit Chop is a simple, and easy-to-learn game. Practice and master your fruit chopping skills in the “Practice Mode” and then you are ready to play battles and tournaments. Participate in battles and place your bet to earn real money by simply playing Fruit Chop. 

Download the Sikandarji App to start playing Fruit Chop to earn real money. If you have any questions regarding the game, let us know in the comment section, or you can also contact our support at

Have a great Fruit Chopping experience!

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