TDS Policy

TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) is the tax amount applicable to your Net Winnings as per government regulations. 

TDS is calculated as 30% of your Net Winnings in a financial year starting from 1st April 2023. 

According to the law, TDS will be deducted at 30% of your net winnings at the time of withdrawal. 

For reference, 

  • Net winnings* = The difference between Total Withdrawals in a financial year and Total Deposits in the same financial year. 
  • A financial year is counted from 1st April to 31st March. 
    • For example, 
      • If you have deposited a total of Rs 5,000 in the year, and won the game of having a prize pool of Rs. 9500, your Net Winnings will be = (9500 – 5,000) = Rs 4500, and TDS will be deducted @ 30% on 4500. 30% tax as TDS will be deducted from net winnings at the time of withdrawal. 
      • In case of no withdrawal in the entire financial year, TDS will get deducted from net winnings as on 31 March 2024. 


*subject to change as per the rules that are to be notified under the Income Tax 1961